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2014 5th Anniversary Cruise

Our 5th Anniversary cruise will be taking place:

Jan. 18th, 2014


Feb. 1st, 2014


Cruise,( inside cabin) +  transfers Feb. 1st, Ship to airport   $1496.00(tax in) (As of May 14)

Flight Jan 17 (day early just in case….) Air Canada$490.00 (tax in) (As of May 14)

Hotel on Jan 17th (Ramada Ft. Lauderdale air/cruise port) $146.13 (tax in) (As of May 14)

Transfers from Airport to Hotel Jan 17 not included.  (I might be able to pick you up!)

Reservations strongly suggested by June 2013 (ship is filling up fast)

Final  price confirmed on your reservation day.

Please Confirm with me ASAP or contact our official travel agent:

Voyages Gaby Carlson Wagon lit

SOLANGE CIMINELLI (Agent Externe)    514-909-2895

Booked as of May 16th 2013

Wendy & Sid